How Do I Sell Old DVDs And CDs?

What can I do with old CDs and DVDs?

How to Recycle CDs and TapesDonate your old CD, DVDs and tapes to a secondhand store or music reseller for reuse.

Even if the items are scratched, it’s likely they can be repaired and resold.

Use them for a DIY art project.Mail your media to a company like the CD Recycling Center of America or GreenDisk..

What is the best way to sell old DVDs?

CDs / DVDs / Games / Books Music Magpie is one of the most well known and easy-to-use trade-in sites, and they’re a great place to sell your CDs, DVDs, books, games and tech. They’ll also give you a price for your phones and gadgets (although bear in mind, you might fair better selling these on eBay).

How much does the exchange pay for DVDs?

Generally we pay $0.50 to $5.00 for most CDs, DVDs and GAMES – It could be even more for BOXED SETS, SPECIAL EDITIONS, ETC… Do all stores pay the same amount? The amount we can pay for items is based on our inventory, which varies from store to store.

Are old CDs worth keeping?

Those old compact discs you loaded up on at $15 a pop are now worth pennies on the Clinton administration dollar, thanks to a double-whammy change in consumers’ listening habits. … Sales of new CDs have plummeted by about 90% over the past decade.

Will DVDs be worth anything in the future?

The only DVDs that will go up in value in the future are those that are rare or have something special about them such as signatures, limited editions, or other similar things. A good way to know if your DVD will be valuable in the future is to see what it is selling for right now.

What can I do with unwanted CDs?

Sell them Online. Like DVDs, you can sell CDs online. … Trade/Sell Them at Your Local Record Store. Make sure to call ahead before you traipse on down to the record store. … Donate them to Charity. You can donate CDs to the troops. … Organize a CD Swap Party. … Record Over Them. … Recycle CDs. … Use a Pear to Erase a CD-R.

How much do pawn shops pay for DVDs?

In general, the newer the release, the more the shop will pay for your DVD or Blu-ray. You will get more money for movies in their original cases. DVDs and Blu-rays typically sell for between $. 50 and $2 each.

Who pays the most for used CDs?

1. Bonavendi. Bonavendi is a great price comparison site for selling used items and one of my favorite platforms for selling DVDs, CDs, and Video Games. Bonavendi is at the top of my list because they make selling used CDs for the most money easy by comparing price offers from a ton of different buyback sites.

Can you sell CDs without the case?

There’s only one restriction on selling to Decluttr: All media must come with the original artwork. If you kept a disc but threw away the jewel case with the art inside, you’re out of luck. Otherwise, selling is simple.

Should I throw away my CDs?

The short answer is yes but that’s really not a great option. You could put them in the trash but CD’s and their plastic cases do not decompose in a landfill and if you put them in an incinerator, they’ll give off toxic fumes. Neither are good ways to dispose of old CDs.

Why are DVDs still sold?

People still buy DVDs because the availability of titles on DVD are far higher than Blu-Ray,only behind Video CD and VHS in terms of variety. … People still buy DVDs because the availability of titles on DVD are far higher than Blu-Ray,only behind Video CD and VHS in terms of variety.

Can CDs go in the garbage?

Even though CDs are made of high value recyclable materials like polycarbonate plastic and aluminum, they’re not accepted in Millennium’s single-stream recycling bins. Landfills are not a viable disposal option because CDs don’t break down easily.

Does GameStop Take DVDs for cash?

GameStop does not buy used DVDs, customer service representatives told us. The company does, however, buy used phones, tablets, video games, and video game systems. It will even typically buy broken or defective games, consoles, and accessories. You can check trade-in values for your electronics on GameStop’s website.

What Disney DVDs are worth money?

Here are a few raking in the cash – and what to look for:Walt Disney Treasures, Donald Duck Vol 3 (2007) … Disney O-Ring Collection 44 DVDS. … Disney Pixar Steelbook Blu-Ray Collection (Rare) 81 Steelbooks. … Walt Disney Treasures Collection. … Walt Disney Treasures, Donald Duck Vol 4 (2008)More items…•

Where can I sell old CDs and DVDs?

Where to Sell Used DVDs, Blu-Rays and CDsDecluttr. Decluttr allows you to sell your used DVDs and Blu-Ray movies for cash. … Eagle Saver. You can sell new or like-new DVDs and Blu-Rays at Eagle Saver. … Sell DVDs Online. … Bonavendi. … Amazon. … eBay. … 7. Facebook. … Craigslist.More items…•

Are DVDs worth selling?

The most valuable DVDs. In most cases, top dollar for an individual DVD is around $100. However, DVD box sets and promotional packaging can command even more. That said, most used DVDs are worth between $2 and $20, and many sell for around $5.

Is there a market for used CDs?

Decluttr is the easy way to sell CDs (and DVDs, Video Games, Blu-rays and Books) you don’t want anymore. … We’ll help you sell CDs online and turn them into cash for FREE! To recycle CDs with Decluttr, just get an instant value by entering their barcodes (or scan them using our app) and ship them to us for FREE.

How much longer will CDs be around?

The mean lifetime for the disc population as a whole was calculated to be 776 years for the discs used in this study. As demonstrated in the histograms in Figures 18 and 19, that lifetime could be less than 25 years for some discs, up to 500 years for others, and even longer.