Is ACCA Costly?

Is ACCA better than MBA?

An MBA is more similar to the CIMA than the ACCA, as it looks at the business aspect as well as regular double-entry type accounting.

The ACCA qualification is more oriented to public practice and is suitable for those who want to work in auditing or as a tax advisor..

Is ACCA respected?

The ACCA members are respected by the employers and business partners all over the world. The employers and business partners understand the professionalism and skills of ACCA members. Therefore, ACCA members are in high demand.

What is the hardest ACCA exam?

Which were the hardest papers at this September’s ACCA exam sitting? SBR and PM stand out as the hard papers this September, according to Open Tuition’s latest poll.

How much does ACCA cost?

The fee for each exam session is €120 – €140 and you can apply online up to one week before the scheduled date. NB: Exam fees must be paid no later than three days before the exam.

Can I self study ACCA?

No reason you can’t self study too. I used Kaplan text books and exam kits. Although you can use the OpenTuition notes and lectures instead of the text book, you will still need to purchase an exam kit for each exam to give yourself the best chance of passing. The key to success with ACCA is lots of question practice.

Can I study ACCA online?

ACCA-X is an award-winning online learning programme. It’s available to students starting their ACCA Qualification Applied Knowledge exams, or doing our Foundations level qualifications.

Who earns more ACCA or CA?

But if you want to look for opportunities overseas along with India, then ACCA may help cover the extra mile as it is more recognised globally as compared to CA. According to, the average salary of an ACCA in India is 5.9 lakhs whereas the average salary of a CA in India is 7.4 lakhs.

Can ACCA be completed in 2 years?

In a year, ACCA runs 4 exam sittings allowing students to take a maximum of 8 papers. Therefore, the fastest duration possible to complete ACCA is 2 years. Most people take 3 years but some can go on for 6-7 years. ChandrasekaranJeyamkannan, whom we have the privilege to talk to, completed ACCA in just 2 years!

What are the 14 ACCA exams?

These exams are:Corporate and Business Law (LW)Performance Management (PM)Taxation (TX)Financial Reporting (FR)Audit and Assurance (AA)Financial Management (FM)

Is ACCA worth it in India?

ACCA is also very popular as it provides end-to-end knowledge on IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), which again is useful worldwide. That’s why, ACCA offers great scope and job opportunities not only in India but around the world.

Is Acca a waste of time?

Yes, ACCA is worth doing if one wants a career in accounting and finance. … It is a course which is especially designed so that people could work in the banking and finance fields in not only India but all over the world as well.

Is ACCA better than CA?

The passing percentage of CA lies between 4-5% whereas ACCA is 40-50%, which makes the Chartered Accountants more demandable compared to ACCA. … Less Fee Structure – As CA is an Indian recognized course while the ACCA is U.K. based. Therefore, the fee structure of ACCA is much higher comparatively CA(fee structure).

Is ACCA free?

Of our seven ACCA-X courses, our four introductory and intermediate courses are free.

Why is ACCA so expensive?

ACCA is an organisation providing accounting qualification globally. … Pass percentage for ACCA exams is about 40-50%. ACCA fees comprises of registration fee, exam fee and ACCA subscription fee. Since ACCA is a UK based degree so it is quite costly than other professional degrees.

How difficult is ACCA?

The ACCA course material is difficult, yes. Especially if, as above, you have limited previous accounting exposure. … The reason some students find the ACCA difficult is that they’re not putting enough time, effort and energy into studying. Passing the ACCA takes sacrifice.

Is ACCA expensive?

Down in the Indian sub continent, ACCA can be expensive as compared to the UK or US. The overall cost maybe around INR 3 Lakhs (including tuition fees which will form the major cost component). This as compared to other courses like the Indian CA (ICAI affiliated) or other Indian courses is on the higher side.

Which degree is best for ACCA?

The BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting is available exclusively to ACCA students and offers a cost-effective way to obtain an undergraduate degree. That’s because the ACCA Qualification Applied Knowledge and Applied skills exams are considered equal to bachelor degree level.

Can I put ACCA after my name?

You may refer to yourself as having affiliate status but may not use the designatory letters after your name or refer to yourself as an ACCA member in any context.