Is BCOM Possible Without Maths?

Is MBA possible without maths?


It can be.

Career switchers like Doctors, Commerce Graduates (without Maths background) and quite a many people opt to pursue a career in Management despite coming from a non-maths background.

One, at the entrance exams, Two, when you’re in the first year (application based simple mathematics) of your MBA..

What type of maths is in commerce?

Mathematics typically used in commerce includes elementary arithmetic, elementary algebra, statistics and probability. For some management problems, more advanced mathematics – such as calculus, matrix algebra and linear programming – is applied.

Is BCom maths difficult?

Being a maths major teacher and having expereince of teaching ,there is no denying the fact that bcom students often find maths difficult !! … You will be amazed to know that 90% of questions in exam are application based !!

Is commerce without maths a good option?

ARE THERE ARE AMPLE CAREER OPTIONS AVAILABLE AFTER COMMERCE WITHOUT MATHS? The answer is yes! Management, law, hospitality, travel & tourism, general commerce, banking, insurance, foreign trade, journalism, accounting, animation, economics etc are some of the notable areas where you can build a career!

Can I do CA without maths?

You can apply for the exam without Maths. Mathematics is not mandatory for CA-CPT. Even students from science and humanities stream can appear for CA-CPT. But you have to be familiar with basic maths as there is a subject Quantitative Aptitude (Business Mathematics and statistics).

Which is the hardest subject in commerce?

Book keeping and accountancy is hardest This is the most easy subject in a commerce class. All other connecting subject are to be learned to make you a complete commerce student. Other subjects can be… Commerce, Economics, Auditing,Banking, Coperation, Company Law, Merchantile law, Statistic, Cost Accounting etc.

Can I drop maths in 12th?

You can drop maths and substitute it with any other choice provided to you by the school authorities. … According to the above it is clear that there is no requirement of Maths while staying in the Medicine field. You can drop maths and substitute it with any other choice provided to you by the school authorities.

What type of job is available in commerce without maths?

Highest Paid Jobs in Commerce Without MathsChartered Accountancy. Chartered Accountancy is one of the most popular career choices among commerce students. … Company Secretary. … Certified Public Accountant (CPA) … Certified Management Accountant (CMA) … Digital Marketer. … Product Manager.

Is math compulsory for BCom in du2020?

Making amendments in its admission policy, DU had last month announced that it will be compulsory for admission seekers to BCom (Hons) courses and Economics (Hons) to have studied maths in class XII.

Which is the highest paid job in commerce?

Top Highest Paying Jobs for Commerce Students in IndiaChartered Accountant. … Investment Banker. … Chartered Financial Analyst. … Certified Public Accountant. … Actuary. … Cost Accountant. … Professional Accountants. … Retail Manager.More items…•

Which is the easiest subject in commerce?

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) The most popular and one of the easiest courses to pursue for commerce students, BBA offers a route into the ever expanding world of management.

Is Commerce easy or hard?

Commerce is neither easy nor hard. If you work more on theory rather than directly solving questions, accounts might be more easy and you may enjoy the subject.