Is Canny A Geordie Word?

What does canny mean in Geordie?

Canny: good/nice/lovely or very – Canny lad – a nice guy/Canny good – very good.

Canny job: A good job.

Possibly a variation on the Scots word Ken meaning to know..

Is canny the opposite of uncanny?

Both words mean smart or sharp-witted, but they also suggest that someone is smart in a self-serving and possibly even tricky way. Canny is also related to the word cunning — another adjective meaning “wise,” but with negative connotations. Uncanny is not the opposite of canny — it means “weird” or “unsettling.”

What does canny mean in Scottish?

(can·y) Dialect, chiefly Scot ~adj. 1. cautious, careful, hesitant, unwilling to rush into things.

What does Hinny howay mean?

Howay: An encouraging phrase from Tyneside meaning ‘come on’ – ‘Howay the lads’ is chanted at Newcastle United football matches.

What is a hinny donkey?

A hinny is the result of breeding between a female donkey and a male horse. A hinny is said to have the body of a donkey and the extremities of a horse. … Male and female hinnies are generally referred to in the same way as male and female mules.

Why do Geordies say wuh?

A Geordie is a very rare creature in Cambridge. … Not many people are aware of this, but we Geordies say ‘wuh’ for ‘we’ or ‘us’, and ‘iz’ for ‘I’, which is commonly mistaken for ‘us’. For example, ‘she was looking at wuh’ = ‘she was looking at us’.

What does canny mean in British slang?

Canny good Canny hard – very good or very tough. Canny job – a good job. Possibly a variation on the Scots word Ken meaning to know. Card: Cold.

Where does the word canny come from?

The word ‘Canny’ originated in Scotland some time around the middle of the seventeenth century and it is still widely used today, mainly in Scotland and the NE of England. From the original ‘can’, meaning know (commonly said in Scotland as ‘ken’ today as in ‘do you ken?

Why do Geordies say man?

Basically, it means “come on” as in “Howay, let’s gan noo” (Come on, let’s go now.) If you stick “man” on the end however, it becomes more of an expression of irritation.

Are Geordies friendly?

Meeting & Greeting People The Geordies are super friendly. Please do not be surprised if a stranger starts talking to you in a shop, at a bus stop, or if you are next to them in a queue. A general greeting to a stranger, or shop worker is to use ‘hello’ or ‘hi’.

What does pet mean in Geordie?

Pet – Girl, woman, like you would say “babe” or some other word. “ alreet pet?” – Hello (to a girl) Polis – Police. Radgy / Radge / Radji – Depending on the context, it can mean crazy.

What does the word canny mean?

careful; cautious; prudent: a canny reply. astute; shrewd; knowing; sagacious: a canny negotiator. skilled; expert.

What do Geordies say?

The Definitive Geordie Phrase BookAad/Ald – oldMe – myGan, gannin’, ganna – go, going, going toReet – rightHeed – headWor – ourKnaa – knowYa/Ye – you, yourLad – man, boyYersel’ – yourself8 more rows•Aug 17, 2016

Who is the most famous Geordie?

Famous Geordies!Anne Reid.Rowan Atkinson.Alun Armstrong and his son.Tim Healey.Neil tenant ( Pet Shop Boys)Lee Hall ( writer of ‘Billy Elliot’Ant and Dec.Perhaps the most famous Christmas angel : ‘Clarence Odbody AS2’ ( angel second class)! Henry Travers played the role in the film, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. He was born in Prudhoe.