Question: What Are The Benefits Of B Com?

How many types of B Com are there?

Under BCom, there are three most popular courses, namely BCom or BCom-General, BCom (Honours) and BCom LLB.

The BCom or BCom-General is also referred to as BCom-Pass by many universities.

In the BCom course, candidates are taught core subjects related to commerce and finance..

What are the advantages of B Com?

Vast Career choice. There are so many courses available for B-Com students such as M-Com, MBA, CA (Chartered Accountant), CS (Company Secretary), MCA and many of the diploma courses, etc. … Greater career advancement. … Vast Job Profile. … Vast Job Areas. … Greater employment opportunities. … Handsome Salary.

Which type of BCom is best?

B. Com. Honours top specializations Investment Management. Banking and Insurance. Financial Market. Taxation. Human Resources. Law. Information Management. Marketing.More items…

What is the starting salary of B Com?

B.Com Jobs:CitySalary RangeBangalore, KarnatakaINR 220,000 – 468,000New Delhi, DelhiINR 240,000 – 480,000Chennai, TamilnaduINR 200,000 – 360,000Mumbai, MaharashtraINR 216,000 – 432,0004 more rows•Mar 13, 2020

Is BCom good for future?

3) Immense Future Prospects: While many B.Com graduates opt for pursuing a career right after graduating from the 3-year undergraduate course, however, a viable and commonly chosen path by B.Com graduates include pursuing higher education.

Does B Com have scope?

B.Com is among the most popular commerce courses and many students opt for the same after the completion of their 10+2. But the big questions career scope after B.Com. Well, most of the students go for MBA degree/ M.Com./ Certificate courses to enhance their skills and increase their employability.