Question: What Benefits Do You Get Working At Apple?

Do Apple employees get free Apple products?

Employees love the discounts they get on Apple products.

Any iPhone or MacBook Air owner knows how expensive Apple products can be, which is why Apple employees love their discounts.

Several Apple current and former Apple employees cited discounts as one of their favorite perks when working for Apple..

Is working at Apple good?

Working at apple is good but no benefits being a contractual employee from staffing agency. Had they provided at least medical benefits to contractual employees, it’s best company to work with. Have been with the Retail store for almost a year and they have been nothing but amazing.

Do Apple employees have to use iPhone?

“Apple employees don’t just use Macs — they use really buggy Macs, often with really buggy apps.” … People on the iOS teams often use really buggy iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches, too. This ensures that the company catches a lot of bugs before anyone on the outside ever sees the software.”

What are Apple employees called?

Employees are specially trained and certified at the Genius Bar. Their role is to help customers with Apple hardware and software. All in-store repairs of Apple products are carried out by “Geniuses”, formerly known as Mac Geniuses.

Does Apple treat their employees well?

But despite the long hours of hard work, many Apple employees seem to think the pros outweigh the cons. Based on hundreds of reviews on Glassdoor and a few Quora posts written by former employees, it sounds like Apple treats its employees extremely well. Here’s a look at why people love working at Apple.

Do Apple employees get paid weekly or biweekly?

Read 22 answers The payday is the same in the Americas, bi-weekly payroll that has a Friday pay date.

How do Apple motivate their employees?

Extrinsic motivation uses external rewards such as money, gifts and recognition to motivate the employees. Apple are able to attract and also gain loyalty from their employees through these types of rewards. For extrinsic motivations, Employees are given free iPod shuffle or iPhone and are given product discounts.

What jobs are offered at Apple?

Apple JobsEmulation Verification Engineer. … Apple Technical Specialist. … Apple Specialist – Retail Customer Sales. … Machine Learning / AI – Engineering & Research Internship. … Siri – Senior iOS CarPlay Engineer. … Software Engineering Internship. … Apple Specialist – Retail Customer Services and Sales.More items…

Is working at Apple stressful?

Overall, as long as you know your limits, and reasonably communicate them, and have a reasonable management chain, other than the occasional emergency, it’s not really a stressful place to work.

What is Apple’s employee turnover rate?

On a recent episode of the RBC Disruptors podcast with host John Stackhouse, Apple’s former retail chief Angela Ahrendts revealed that Apple’s retail employee retention rate rose from 61 percent to a “historic high” of “nearly 89 percent” during her five-year tenure at the company.

Is it easy to get hired at Apple?

Apple is renowned for being secretive, and this even reaches out to what it resembles to really work for the company. … Since this is a well-known company, getting a job might be a bit difficult. Almost everybody wants it but very few get it. According to experts, the best way to get hired is to use referrals.

How much money do you make working at the Apple Store?

Mac Specialist (Apple Store) SalariesJob TitleSalaryApple Apple Store Specialist salaries – 8 salaries reported$17/hrApple Apple Store Manager salaries – 4 salaries reported$77,273/yrApple Apple Store Leader Program salaries – 3 salaries reported$54,616/yrApple Apple Store Manager salaries – 2 salaries reported$30/hr16 more rows

Is it hard to work at Apple?

So overall getting job at Apple is quite hard. I also had to suffer a lot. I think I know more then those who gave this answer. … If you have a skill or talent that they need, no, it’s not hard to get a job at Apple (company).

Do Apple employees look through your phone?

No, of course not. People are people. While most Apple employees follow the rule and respect every customer’s privacy, I am sure there are those who do not. To be very clear, it is against Apple’s rules to look at a customer’s photos without their permission.

What is the highest paying job at Apple?

Among the highest-paying jobs at Apple are director and senior director leadership roles, according to reviews posted on Glassdoor….Prachi Bhardwaj contributed reporting to an earlier version of this post.Senior Director.Director. … Software Engineering Director. … Senior Counsel. … Marketing Director. … Senior Engineering Manager. … More items…•

What age does Apple Store hire?

18 years oldFacts About Working at Apple Store Minimum Age to Work at Apple Store: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Apple Store?)

What majors does Apple hire?

The Apple job site advertises numerous positions in tech and engineering, but those proficient in business, data and analytics, finance, and even education will find roles to suit their expertise.