Question: What Is The Phrasal Verb Of Look For?

How many phrasal verbs are in English?

10,000 phrasal verbsMemorising phrasal verbs is inefficient because there are over 10,000 phrasal verbs in the English language..

What do you say when you are surprised?

Synonymsfunnily enough. phrase. used for saying that you think something is surprising or don’t say. phrase. … heavens above. phrase. … Well, I never (did) phrase. … is that a fact? phrase. … you would not believe. phrase. … of all things/people/places. phrase. … now I’ve seen everything/it all. phrase.More items…

What is the phrasal verb of look at?

look at something 1to examine something closely Your ankle’s swollen—I think the doctor ought to look at it.

What is the phrasal verb of close?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclose in phrasal verb1 to move closer to someone or something, especially in order to attack them The snake closed in for the kill.

What do you say when Impressed?

What is another word for impressed?enthralledcaptivatedextremely interestedvery curiousextremely curiousvery inquisitivevery keenvery enthusiasticimpassionedsensual197 more rows

What is the phrasal verb of wear?

To wear out means to make someone feel very tired, as in ‘She was worn out from looking after her elderly mother’ or ‘You need to slow down or you’ll wear yourself out’.

What is the phrasal verb of recovered?

Answer. go back. recovered and go back.

What does look at you mean?

This phrase can mean many things, but it’s often used to show surprise or happiness with what someone is doing. For example, if a child learns to ride a bike and shows you, you may say “look at you!” to show you are impressed–it’s like saying wow! It’s kind of like a compliment but a little different and more emphatic.

What is the phrasal verb of spread?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspread out phrasal verb1 if a group of people spread out, they move apart from each other so that they cover a wider area The search party spread out to search the surrounding fields.

What is phrasal verb and examples?

A phrasal verb is a verb that is made up of a main verb together with an adverb or a preposition, or both. Typically, their meaning is not obvious from the meanings of the individual words themselves. For example: She has always looked down on me. Fighting broke out among a group of 40 men.

What is the phrasal verb of rejected?

turn downThe phrasal verb of ‘rejected’ is ‘turn down’.

What is another word for look at?

What is another word for look at?beholdfeast your eyes onlook onobserveseewitnessviewregardnoticespot102 more rows

What is the phrasal verb of investigating?

| Phrasal verb. It means investigate. In phrasals with look, you’re not literally looking at anything. You’re doing something else, remembering, searching, and so on.

What is the phrasal verb of appear?

Pharasal verbPharasal verb or synonym for the word ‘appeared’ can be show up, come forth , turn up , pop up, etc.

What is the phrasal verb of started their journey?

The phrasal verb to set off means to start a journey. It is an intransitive phrasal verb. It doesn’t have a direct object. You can’t say I will set the car off in the morning for example.

What is mean by phrasal verbs?

: a phrase (such as take off or look down on) that combines a verb with a preposition or adverb or both and that functions as a verb whose meaning is different from the combined meanings of the individual words.

How many types of phrasal verbs are there?

4 typesIn this lesson, you’re going to learn 4 types of phrasal verbs and how each one functions in an English sentence. Phrasal verbs can be transitive or intransitive. Transitive phrasal verbs can be separable or inseparable.