Quick Answer: Are 1300 Numbers Free Telstra?

Does Telstra charge for 1800 numbers?

Calls to 1800 numbers from Telstra landlines will continue to be free of charge.

With 1800 number calls now free of charge, you can enjoy greater cost certainty and value across both our Post-Paid and Pre-Paid mobile plans..

Are calls to Telstra free?

In another new customer service initiative, Telstra will make nearly 50 million service and support calls free of charge for Telstra customers. … Calls to activate and recharge pre-paid accounts can already be made without cost to customers.

How much do 1300 numbers cost to call from a Telstra mobile?

Re: Telstra charges for 1300 numbers 13 numbers cost 40 cents per call. 1800 numbers are the freecall numbers, 13 numbers are local call cost.

How do I get a 1300 number with Telstra?

1300 Australia, Telstra’s exclusive Phone Word partner, specialises in phone words with a 1300 number prefix.1300 numbers have ten digits, for example, 1300 287 872.Customers can contact you from a fixed line anywhere in Australia.1300 numbers are diverted to a land line or mobile number.More items…

What are 13 numbers on my Telstra bill?

Hi Browser, To clarify what Greg mentioned, calls to 13 numbers are charged at 35 cents per call & local calls are charged at 30 cents. While some plans such as Bundles include local calls this excludes calls to 13 numbers.

Is there a charge for 1800 numbers?

1800 numbers let customers call for free Callers using mobile phones may still pay a rate determined by their service provider. Pays all call costs. There is no free talk time component for 1800 numbers.

What is the difference between 1800 and 1300 numbers?

The difference between these numbers lie on how call costs are divided between the caller and the business (account holder). When calling from a landline, calls to an 1800 number are free, while calls to a 1300 number is charged at the least the cost of a local call.

Are 1300 numbers free from overseas?

If a caller can make contact with an Australian 1300 number from overseas, they will be charged based on their home network’s rates. They will have to dial the overseas code of their country, followed by the Australian code (61), and then your 1300 number.

Does Telstra charge for 13 numbers?

13 and 1300 numbers are advertised as “the cost of a local call”. … Calls to Telstra customer service and complaint lines are free of charges, when callers use Telstra phone services to make the calls.

How much does it cost to call 13 numbers in Australia?

13 numbers have six digits. Customers can contact you from a fixed line anywhere in Australia. With a 13 number, your customers can contact you for the cost of a low untimed charge (approx $0.35). Calls for mobile phones will be charged to the caller at a rate determined by their mobile phone carrier.

Do you get charged for 1300 numbers?

When calling a 1300 number from any landline in Australia, the caller is charged the cost of a local call. That’s why 1300 numbers are often referred to as Local Rate Numbers. Higher charges apply when dialling from a mobile phone. They are determined by the mobile phone company and vary between carriers.

What numbers are free on a landline?

0800 and 0808 – freephone numbers Calls to these numbers are always free from mobiles and landlines.

What is a 1300 phone number?

1300 numbers are 10-digit Australia wide numbers where the caller is charged a local call rate when dialling from an Australian phone line, including mobiles. That’s why they’re often referred to as Local Call Numbers. Being Australia wide means there is no need to use an area prefix when calling the number.

How do I get a 1300 number?

Buying a 1300 number directly from www.thenumberingsystem.com.au is the best and only way to retain maximum control over your number, without paying unnecessary and hefty monthly leasing fees. You can purchase a 1300 number from as little as $250.

Call costs Calls to 1800 numbers from your home phone are free.

Are 1300 numbers free from mobiles?

Are 1300 numbers free? 1300 numbers are not free to call. A call to a 1300 number from a landline within Australia will be charged at the local rate. … Calls made to 1300 numbers from mobile phones will be charged to the caller at a timed rate determined by their mobile phone carrier.

How do 1300 numbers work?

How do 1300 numbers work? 1300 numbers are inbound numbers that your business can use to receive incoming calls. All calls made to a 1300 number can be directed to any of your existing phone numbers called answerpoints.

Can you text a 1300 number?

Can I receive a SMS from a 13/1300 number? Yes. Numbers which are SMS enabled will be able to receive and send short messages.

Do you get charged for calling 1800 numbers?

When a call is made to an 1800 number, the call is free for the caller and only the receiver is charged for the call. Freephone numbers are used by contact centres and sales departments to allow customers and prospects free communication to the business.