Quick Answer: Do Judges Follow Cafcass Recommendations?

What cafcass look for?

The Children & Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS) look after the interests of the child in children involved in family proceedings.

They work with the child and parents and have to inform the Courts as to what action that they believe is in the best interests of the child..

What should you not say to cafcass?

Don´t say you wish to stop your ex-partner from seeing “our child”; Don´t make false allegations; Don´t exaggerate; Don´t get so caught up in your ex-partner´s allegations that you forget to put forward your child-focused arrangements (this is a very common failure);

Does the court go against cafcass?

The parties can argue against the recommendations of the Cafcass report and dispute any factual inaccuracies in the court hearing following the report being finalised. Furthermore, the Cafcass officer who conducted the report can be asked to attend the court and be subject to cross-examination.

What safeguarding checks do cafcass do?

Routine safeguarding checks Screening includes review of the case papers for any urgent child protection issues that may require a referral to the local authority. Cafcass must then make routine safeguarding checks about the adult parties named in the application with the police and relevant local authorities.

Why do cafcass do home visits?

A visit from Cafcass 6 years 4 months ago #49188 Usually they do this when they are considering what to recommend as far as the child having contact in the home. It might help to show you have an awareness of the child’s needs etc.

Do judges always follow cafcass recommendations?

Cafcass data from 2012 shows that in cases where the family court makes a final ruling, Cafcass recommendations are enforced 76.4% of the time. In a further 14.3% of cases they are enforced subject to court review. Cafcass recommendations are not enforced in only 3.6% of cases.

Does a judge listen to cafcass?

The Judge may direct CAFCASS to investigate certain issues related to the applications that the parents (or possibly others such as grandparents) are making. In some circumstances, a Judge may leave this to the CAFCASS Officer to decide which issues are relevant.

What police checks do cafcass do?

A Level 2 police check is a request by Cafcass for the disclosure, and provision by Police, of any relevant information held on the databases of a local police force(s) including local intelligence, call out logs and domestic abuse records.

How long does a cafcass report take?

The Court might order CAFCASS to prepare a report. Typically this will take about 12 weeks to prepare and if ordered the Court will ask you to come back to Court a couple of weeks after the report is finished.