Quick Answer: How Do You Delete Multiple Rows In Excel With Conditions?

What is the shortcut to delete multiple rows in Excel?

To quickly delete a row in Excel, select a row and use the shortcut CTRL – (minus sign).

To quickly delete multiple rows, select multiple rows and use the same shortcut..

How do you delete certain rows in Excel?

To do so, hold down your Ctrl key and the press the “-” (minus) key on your keyboard. Excel displays the Delete dialog, shown here. Select the Entire Row option, as shown, and then choose OK. After you do so, Excel deletes the empty rows.

How do I delete multiple rows at once?

Delete multiple rows through cell selection First and foremost, select all the cells in the corresponding rows that you want to delete. Right-click on one of the selections and select Delete. Click Entire Row from the delete dialogue box and click the OK button.

How do I delete rows in Excel based on condition?

Use the keyboard shortcut Control + A to select all the cells that Excel found. You will also be able to see all the selected cells in the dataset. Right-click on any of the selected cells and click on Delete. This will open the Delete dialog box.

Why can’t I delete multiple rows in Excel?

If the data is in the form of an official ‘table’ you won’t be able to select different selections of multiple rows to delete in one go. You have to copy and paste the data into an empty worksheet (without the ‘table’ formatting) and you should be able to do what you describe.

How do I delete all rows in Excel 0?

Select the column cells which contain the zero values you want to delete the entire rows based on, then click Data > Filter. See screenshot: 2. Then a drop-down arrow is displaying in the first cell of the selected column, click the arrow, and then select Number Filters > Equals from the drop-down list.

How do I remove rows with 0 in R?

R remove rows with 0 in one column How to remove rows with any zero value, Just subset the data frame based on the value in the No_of_Mails column: df[df$​No_of_Mails != 0, ]. Demo. Because R is a functional programming language, you don’t usually delete rows.

How do I select multiple rows in Excel?

To select an entire row, you just need to select one cell, then press Shift + Space keys together, then the entire row where the selected cell in is selected. If you want to select multiple rows (contiguous rows), you can select one row first, then press Shift + ↓ or Shift + ↑ to expand the selection.

Is there a shortcut to delete rows in Excel?

Keyboard shortcut to delete a row in ExcelShift+Spacebar to select the row.Ctrl+-(minus sign) to delete the row.