Quick Answer: Is 90 Percentile Good In JEE?

Is 90 percentile good in JEE mains?

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has clearly explained the normalisation process used for calculating the percentile in JEE Main 2020….JEE Main Percentile vs Ranks.Percentile Scores (NTA Score)Expected JEE Main Rank (Approximate)9178,7009087,450851,31,100801,74,90018 more rows•Sep 11, 2020.

What is a good percentile in JEE 2020?

Can JEE Main 2020 rank be calculated from percentile score?StudentPercentile Score – JanuaryPercentile Score – AprilA96 percentile65 percentileB60 percentile98 percentileSep 11, 2020

Can I get nit with 93 percentile?

Yes, you have good chances of getting admission in NIT Agartala with this percentile in JEE Mains. … Yes, you have good chances of getting admission in NIT Agartala with this percentile in JEE Mains.

Can I get nit with 94 percentile?

I have scored 94 percentile in jee main 2019, which nit , niit can I get admission. If you belong to reserved category then you have chances that you might get some NITs/IIITs/GFTIs in your home state. You have scored well. There are factors on which your college depends like category,home state,and rank.

What is the top 20 percentile?

Percentile indicates how many students have been outperformed by you in exam. Top 20 percentile means that you are ahead of 80% of the people.

Can I get 99 percentile in JEE mains?

Therefore, it is not possible to tell exactly how much marks one should score to get 99 percentile in the exam. But as per previous year’s analysis, one should score more than 178 marks to increase the chances of securing 99 percentile.

Is 92 percentile good in JEE mains?

With a percentile of 92, your rank is around 70,000. With a rank of 70,000 in JEE main , you may get into government institutions . For NIT ( not the top NIT’s ) you can try but it’s a little difficult as the rank may not be satisfy their requirements . … I will suggest you to try a little harder in JEE Mains April.

Is 89 percentile good in JEE mains?

At first, congratulations on scoring 89 percentile in IIT JEE Mains. It is a very good result indeed that you have achieved. … It is a very good result indeed that you have achieved.

Can I get nit with 95 percentile?

Yes, you can get NIT-Suratkal with 95 percentile. … Yes, you can get NIT-Suratkal with 95 percentile.

Can I get nit with 97 percentile?

97 percentile seems good percentile . But it will not easy to say what will be your score through percentile score as percentile score only tell about relative performance of candidates in their respective session.

What is the minimum percentile required for IIT?

However, for getting admission into IITs, NITs and other CFTIs, along with clearing JEE Main passing marks i.e. minimum marks in JEE Main to get NIT, IIT & CFTIs, the students must have secured a minimum of 75% of marks in their class 12th board exams (65% for reserved category candidates) or should be within the top …

Is 98 percentile good in JEE mains?

The result of JEE Main was announced by the NTA on January 17 in the form of NTA Score/Percentile….Got 98 Percentile in JEE Main 2020; which college and branch (CSE, ME, CE, EE, ECE) you may get?Counselling RoundClosing Rank 2018Closing Rank 2019116,83015,264217,26617,496318,52017,574Jan 21, 2020

What is JEE Mains 2020 cutoff?

JEE Main 2020 Cutoff is the minimum score necessary to clear the examination. NTA will declare the JEE Main Cutoff in the last week of April, after the result declaration in 2020. The cutoff for General category was 81, 49 for OBC-NCL, 32 for SC, 27 for ST, and 1 for PWD in the previous year.

Is JEE Main enough for NIT?

NITs takes admission through JEE Main only. To be eligible for NITs make sure you should have 75% marks in your boards exam or you should be in top 20 percentile. For SC/ST you should have 65% marks.

Is 120 a good score in JEE mains?

Hello Aspirant, Its quite difficult to predict exact rank from marks as rank can depend upon Level of paper, but on an average we can say that with 120 marks in JEE Main your rank can be 40 to 60 thousand, if the paper is quite easy then your rank will be close to 60 thousand and its quite tough then your rank will be …

Can you get nit 80 percentile?

you got 80 percentile in JEE mains so your expected rank would be around 170000 and the seats in NIT are limited to 30000 so you can and understand that it is not possible to get a seat in NIT at this score.

Can I get nit with 90 percentile?

Good JEE Main Score/ Rank to Secure Admission in NITs In order to secure admission in NITs through JEE Main, the good score for the same can be around 80-90 percentile. At the same time, the candidates must feature among the top 15,000 – 20,000 ranks range to get admission.

Can you get 96 percentile NIT?

If you are from general category, it will be difficult to get any NIT. With 96.2 percentile ,you can expect an AIR of approx 40K. The best thing you can do is have a look at the last year opening and closing rank of all the branches of NITs.

What is the minimum percentile required for NIT Trichy?

You should get above 99.86 (os) percentile to get CSE at NIT trichy if you belong to general category and 99.54 percentile for home state.

How much percentile is required for NIT for SC?

As you can see, the cutoff for SC category students was 54.01 percentile. This means that a student with percentile equal or above this was qualified to appear for JEE Advanced. However getting a seat in NIT with this percentile is nit guaranteed.

Which NIT can I get with 50000 rank?

Colleges Accepting 50,000 to 75,000 Rank in JEE Main 2020Name of the CollegeCourseClosing Rank (As per Past Trends)NIT PatnaFive-Year Integrated M.Sc Physics60032NIT PuducherryComputer Science and Engineering56609NIT PuducherryElectronics and Communications Engineering66084NIT RaipurChemical Engineering6154862 more rows•Sep 11, 2020