Quick Answer: Is Commit Needed After Create Table?

Does drop statement require commit?

DDL CREATE/ALTER/DROP commands are implicitly committed.

In a session, if you do 100 inserts, 20 updates, and then 1 DROP at the end, all of that work will be committed whether you issue a COMMIT or not..

Does create index require commit?

The creation of an index is automatically committed.

Is DDL an Autocommit?

No. Only the DDL(Data Definition Language )statements like create,alter,drop,truncate are auto commit.

What is implicit commit in SQL?

Some SQL statements cause an implicit commit. … This means that, even if the statement fails with an error, the transaction is committed. Some of them, like CREATE TABLE … SELECT , also cause a commit immediatly after execution. Such statements couldn’t be rollbacked in any case.

Does Drop need commit?

CREATE TABLE and DROP TABLE statements do not commit a transaction if the TEMPORARY keyword is used. (This does not apply to other operations on temporary tables such as ALTER TABLE and CREATE INDEX , which do cause a commit.)