Quick Answer: What Are Component Results?

What does TND mean in stool test?

Some of the causes for a result of “Test Not Done” (TND) are shown in Figure 1.

When a sample is resulted as “Test Not Done”, the process is to notify the medical center by phone notification and faxing a “Specimen Problem Form” (Figure 2) with the patient and test information..

What is another word for successful?

In this page you can discover 41 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for successful, like: prosperous, strong, fortuitous, triumphant, fortunate, favorable, thriving, flourishing, victorious, unbeaten and unprofitable.

Do doctors call with negative test results?

If a normal or negative test result comes back, the physician can telephone the patient with the “good news,” and patients have the option of canceling the follow-up appointment. Although it is preferable to give bad news face-to-face, there may be times when giving bad news over the phone is unavoidable.

What does component mean in medical terms?

1. a constituent element or part. 2. one part of a prosthesis system.

What does component mean?

: one of the parts of something (such as a system or mixture) : an important piece of something. component. adjective. English Language Learners Definition of component (Entry 2 of 2) : helping to make up the whole of something (such as a system or a mixture) : forming or being a part of something.

What is DNR in lab results?

Any remaining result codes for the cancelled test are sent with a Do Not Report (DNR) indicator, which suppresses their printing on the lab report. In SoftLab, all result codes (OBX) for the test will contain a TNP indicator.

What is meant by component testing?

Definition: Component testing, also known as program or module testing, is done after unit testing. In this type of testing those test objects can be tested independently as a component without integrating with other components e.g. modules, classes, objects, and programs. This testing is done by the development team.

What is component force?

Forces acting at some angle from the the coordinate axes can be resolved into mutually perpendicular forces called components. The component of a force parallel to the x-axis is called the x-component, parallel to y-axis the y-component, and so on.

What does it mean when there is no component information for this result?

results say “there is no component information for this result.” what does this mean? CBC: It means they didnt run the differential of the CBC.

How do you read lab results?

Lab results are often shown as a set of numbers known as a reference range. A reference range may also be called “normal values.” You may see something like this on your results: “normal: 77-99mg/dL” (milligrams per deciliter). Reference ranges are based on the normal test results of a large group of healthy people.

What is component sentence?

Definition of Component. a small section of a bigger part of a whole thing. Examples of Component in a sentence. 1. The only component of the sandwich that I do not like is the tomato, but the turkey, lettuce and mayonnaise are fine.

What is an H flag in lab results?

Flags: for paper results On lab printouts, labs that are abnormal are indicated with a mark. There is often an empty column with marks identifying which rows contain abnormal bloodwork results. The mark may be an asterisk, or an “H” for high or “L” for low or “A” for abnormal.

Who is responsible for component testing?

Component testing is performed by testers. ‘Unit Testing’ is performed by the developers where they do the testing of the individual functionality or procedure. After Unit Testing is performed, the next testing is component testing. Component testing is done by the testers.

What is another word for Main?

Synonyms for ‘main’ and ‘mainly’ In both cases, several other words can be substituted to provide greater diversity or clarity in your text: For main, try principal, chief, critical, crucial, vital, fundamental, basic, particular, essential, necessary, primary, paramount, foremost, predominant, or major.

How do I read my pregnancy lab results?

An hCG level of less than 5 mIU/mL is considered negative for pregnancy, and anything above 25 mIU/mL is considered positive for pregnancy. An hCG level between 6 and 24 mIU/mL is considered a grey area, and you’ll likely need to be retested to see if your levels rise to confirm a pregnancy.

How can I improve my blood results?

For the most accurate blood test results, your blood should be drawn when you’re rested. A workout before a fasting blood test can alter the results of cholesterol and glucose tests. In some cases of cholesterol testing, if you exercise before having blood drawn your LDL cholesterol levels may actually increase.

What are drivers in component testing?

Driver is a software component or test tool that replaces a component. It takes care of the control and/or the calling of a component or system. Drivers are used in Bottom-up testing approach and are known as “calling programs”.

What is another name of component?

Some common synonyms of component are constituent, element, and ingredient.

What is an example of a component?

Component definitions The definition of component means one part of a whole thing. An example of a component is the CD player in a stereo system. An example of a component is an ingredient in a recipe. A part of a mechanical or electrical complex.

What does main component mean?

a particular feature or part of something: essential/key/major, etc. component The major components of the transport system include the road network, railway system, air transport services, and ports and shipping services.

What is the normal range for blood test results?

1. Complete blood countComponentNormal rangewhite blood cells3,500 to 10,500 cells/mcLplatelets150,000 to 450,000/mcLhemoglobinmen: 13.5–17.5 grams/deciliter (g/dL); women: 12.0–15.5 g/dLhematocritmen: 38.8–50.0 percent; women: 34.9–44.5 percent1 more row•Jul 24, 2020

What is difference between unit and component testing?

Component Testing involves testing of each object or parts of the software separately. Unit Testing involves testing of individual programs or modules for program execution. It is performed by the testing team. It is performed by the development team.