Quick Answer: What Does DLM Stand For?

What does Cdat stand for?

CDATAcronymDefinitionCDATChild Disability Assessment ToolCDATComputerized Dumb-Ass TankerCDATCanadian Dental Aptitude TestCDATCisco Distributed Administration Tool12 more rows.

What are DLM linkage levels?

For each Essential Element at every grade level, DLM develops items at several different levels of complexity. Each level addresses a portion of the map that contains content related to the target Essential Element. The levels are called linkage levels.

What does it mean to be a dynamic learner?

Dynamic Learners are those who have a combination of Use First, Use as Needed and Avoid learning patterns. Dynamic Learners require mental effort when moving across learning patterns. Therefore, you may experience student frustration during sudden shifts in content and/or expectations. Strong Willed Learner.

What is MAP learning?

A learning map is a graphic organizer that is used to visually depict the key takeaways – knowledge, skills, ideas – students should get from a lesson. It shows how everything in the lesson that is to be learnt is connected.

What is the New York State Alternate Assessment?

The NY State Alternate Assessment allows students with severe cognitive disabilities to demonstrate their performance toward achieving the New York State learning standards for English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, and Science. This assessment measures student knowledge on Essential Elements.

How long does it typically take a student to complete a Testlet?

Testlet resets (may take up to 72 hours) Data issues (rosters, enrollment, etc.) PII is a federal violation of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). PII includes information such as a student’s name or state identification number. Each state has unique PII requirements.

What are DLM mini maps?

DLM mini-maps show the nodes from the learning map models that are assessed at each linkage level. In this example, one node is assessed at each linkage level for this third grade Essential Element about determining the beginning, middle, and end of a familiar story.

What are the two main parts of a student’s end of year score report?

The report has two parts in each subject: a performance profile and a learning profile. The performance profile contains summary results at for the claim or conceptual area and for the subject as a whole. The learning profile summarizes the student’s mastery of specific linkage levels for each Essential Element.

What does DLM stand for in education?

Dynamic Learning MapsDLM. Dynamic Learning Maps. Dynamics, Assessment, Technology.

What does Tapp stand for?

TAPPAcronymDefinitionTAPPTeacher Alternative Preparation ProgramTAPPTechnical Assistance for Public ParticipationTAPPThe Alan Parsons Project (band)TAPPThermochemical and Physical Properties11 more rows

What are DLM claims?

The DLM claims are overt statements about what we intend for students to learn and what the DLM assessment will measure. Conceptual Areas connect the learning map to the overall Claims and identify large areas of conceptually related skills in the maps.

What is the DLM AA?

DYNAMIC LEARNING MAPS ALTERNATIVE ASSESSMENTS (DLM-AA) The new DLM is a unique computer-based assessment system that lets these students show what they know in ways that traditional multiple-choice tests cannot.

What are Dynamic Learning Maps?

Dynamic Learning Maps® (DLM®) assessments are designed for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities for whom general state assessments are not appropriate, even with accommodations. … Results from DLM assessments support interpretations about what students know and can do.