What Does Unpleasant Mean How Do You Know?

What do you mean by unpleasant?


not pleasant; displeasing; disagreeable; offensive: an unpleasant taste; an unpleasant situation; an unpleasant manner..

What is unpleasant emotion?

Sadness, anger, frustration, fear, shame, envy, resentment, guilt, stress, boredom, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, confusion, grief, unworthiness, loneliness – there are many unpleasant emotions. And let’s be honest, they feel icky. We don’t like them. We don’t want to experience them. They can all just go away.

What is the opposite of forget?

Antonym of ForgetWordAntonymForgetRememberGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the meaning of unpleasant sound?

A cacophony is a mishmash of unpleasant sounds, often at loud volume. It’s what you’d hear if you gave instruments to a group of four-year-olds and asked them to play one of Beethoven’s symphonies. A cacophony is a jarring, discordant mix of sounds that have no business being played together.

What is the sentence of unhappy?

Pierre’s gloomy, unhappy look struck her. He was unhappy about something. This morning I took a bath, and when teacher came upstairs to comb my hair she told me some very sad news which made me unhappy all day. I didn’t want to lose you, but I didn’t want you to be unhappy like mother either.

What is the meaning of misalignment?

: the condition of being out of correct position or improperly adjusted : bad or incorrect alignment Over time, because of damage and wear, typewriters develop faults and misalignments that render their typescript unique.—

How do you use unpleasant in a sentence?

Unpleasant sentence examplesLet’s not think of unpleasant things right now. … I can make it unpleasant for you. … It would be an excellent opportunity to get out of this house with its unpleasant memories. … The trip to Fayetteville wasn’t as unpleasant as she had anticipated.More items…

What does unpleasant mean in the 3rd paragraph How do you know?

adjective. If something is unpleasant, it gives you bad feelings, for example by making you feel upset or uncomfortable.

What is another word for unpleasant?

In this page you can discover 61 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unpleasant, like: odious, horrible, obnoxious, nasty, irksome, disparaging, disagreeable, bothersome, repulsive, abhorrent and rude.

What is the meaning of unpleasant smell?

adj having an unpleasant smell Synonyms: ill-smelling, malodorous, malodourous, stinky bilgy. smelling like bilge water. fetid, foetid, foul, foul-smelling, funky, ill-scented, noisome, smelly, stinking. offensively malodorous.

Are acrid and unpleasant synonyms?

acrid. adjective. ( ˈækrɪd) Strong and sharp. Synonyms. pungent tasty. Antonyms. tasteless good-natured pleasing. … acrid. adjective. ( ˈækrɪd) Harsh or corrosive in tone. Synonyms. unpleasant acerb vitriolic virulent caustic bitter blistering sulphurous sulfurous acid acerbic. Antonyms.