What Is Better MCA Or BTech?

Is MCA an engineer?

No, MCA is not an Engineering degree.

It’s a Post-graduation degree.

You can do MCA after completion of a BCA degree.

MCA is similar to Btech Computer Science Engineering..

What is the salary of BCA?

Salary Packages Offered by the Top Companies in India for BCA:CompanyAverage Salary (Rupees Per Annum)CognizantRs.265,000 – 300,000AricentRs.290,000 – 315,000MicrosoftRs.300,000 – 360,000WiproRs.275,000 – 325,0002 more rows•May 4, 2020

Is MCA valid in Canada?

I am not sure what do you mean by “Is MCA degree from India would be considered as Post graduate degree in Canada”. … Yes it will be considered as post graduate degree if your university has good reputation.

Is BTech better than MCA?

Ans: MCA is a Post Graduate (PG) Professional Degree, Whereas BE / Btech is just an Under Graduate (UG) Degree. So, MCA Degree Holders usually get MORE Respect and Recognition than a BE / Btech. Particularly, MCA with Only B.Sc. (Computer Science) the background is Equivalent to ME (Computer Science and Engineering).

Is MCA equivalent to BTech?

MCA and BE/B. Tech are not equivalent. BE/B. Tech leads to graduation while MCA is a masters degree.

Is doing MCA worth it?

The MCA is needed to get your foot in the door with bigger companies. Additionally, if you want to move abroad, having a PG degree will look much better. The nano degrees will help to reach current, industry level content. I don’t think that paying for the nano degrees is worth it, though others may disagree.

Is MCA valid in USA?

There is no MCA in the USA. This is a degree or terminology used by Indian universities. Anyways, to study Masters in USA one would need a four year Bachelor’s degree, take the GRE and TOEFL.

Is MCA a 2 year course?

The Master of Computer Application (MCA) course will now be a two year course. It was decided to reduce the course duration by one year, in the 545th Meeting of University Grant Commission (UGC) held in December 2019. … Change in the duration of #MCA Program from 3 years to 2 years w.e.f. 2020-21 has been approved.

Which country is best for MCA?

Hi, you can certainly do MCA from abroad. Generally US , Uk, Europe and Australia are considered good for Master programs.

Is MCA technical degree?

The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that MBA and MCA course are no longer in the council’s ambit. … The court held that MCA was a technical course but ruled that the AICTE had no business laying down standards for the course as the UGC act is already in place for the same.

Is MCA useless?

MCA has only one good thing that is “Masters” title attached to it which again is useless when you apply for IIT PhD as they don’t even consider MCA as a Masters degree. Even Govt jobs rarely require MCA. MCA should either be given more importance than what it is given now or it should be scrapped completely!

Is BCA valid in USA?

You can definitely apply for MS in CS, there are Universities in USA which accepts Indian applications for MS in CS after completing BCA. Apart from this you also have to take GRE test and an English proficiency test like IELTS/TOEFL.

Which is better BCA MCA or BTech?

While BCA gives students a good technology knowledge, it is advisable to complete your MCA to give yourself career wise push. After graduation, a student with a B. Tech degree has greater job opportunities than a student with a BCA.

What is the salary after MCA?

Average Salary of MCA Graduates – Experience WiseExperienceSalary per monthFor FresherRs. 15,000 – Rs. 36,0001 -3 yearsRs. 26,000 – Rs. 44,000Above 5 yearsRs. 40,000 – Rs. 1,50,000Avg. Salary for MCA in USA$1500 – $3500Dec 10, 2018

Is MCA tough?

Critics cite numerous reasons as to hold MCA as one of the toughest amongst the postgraduate level programs. The various applications that are extensively covered by this course make it quite formidable. … Numerous specializations are available for a person to choose in MCA.

Can I get job after BCA?

Some of the roles that one can bag after completing a BCA programme is that of a System engineer, software tester, junior programmer, web developer, system administrator, software developer etc. BCA graduates also have good employability opportunities in public sector organizations.

Can a BTech student do MCA?

You are eligible to seek admission in MCA after B. Tech EEE. However, I will like to discourage you from going on this path. You will take three more years to complete your MCA and there is no guarantee that you will get a good job as Indian IT industry is on slow decline phase.

Can I study abroad after MCA?

Hi, Actually as a freshers you may not explore much in abroad with MCA degree as this degree is not pursued outside India, its unique in India. You can only shine there with MCA if you have prior work experience in your domain.